NFT Company: Burn and Earn

Name: Burn and Earn

4782 IL-17, Kankakee, IL 60901

City: Kankakee

State: Illinois

Zip: 60901


Burn and Earn
What is Burn & Earn?
Who is Burn & Earn?
This (Ordinary Jack) is Known for BURNING & EARNING their crypto!
(Ordinary Jack) is the only species of their kind and is excited to meet their new owners.

This NFT gives you access to VIP community-level status! No other NFT like this exist on Earth right now!

Burn & Earn has found a way to help Coin & Token holders grow their main portfolios. All You have to do is support the Burn & Earn NFT Art Series!
SERIES TO COME: *Ordinary Jack & His Ordinary Family. Wife, Kid, & Pet*

New Burn & Earn NFT Hand Drawn Art Series will be released on a TBA schedule! 10,000 Burn & Earn NFTs will mint out & 69% of ALL those mint sales will be purchasing SHIBA INU & then BURNED!